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America’s Diplomats

America’s Diplomats

Diplomacy is the management of international relations via communication. So, we can say that diplomacy is a bargain. The diplomat is the envoy in this communication. America’s Diplomats documentary describes the importance of American diplomats in American foreign policy. This documentary contains American diplomats’s successes and failures. According to the documentary, diplomacy prevents wars but it can be arguable. As for me diplomacy is obligatory but it isn’t enough.Diplomacy has pozition and interest. Diplomats can’t pass to interest stage from the pozition stage easily. The reasons for this are insecurity and lack of information. We can give an example to this issue. Israel-Egypt Peace Treaty (1979) signed later a long time from the inception of problem. The key role was U.S.A’s mediation. The documentary also contains difficulties experienced by American diplomats. The attacks on the American embassies were remarkable. The documentary has videos from these attacks. For this reason I was so nervous when I watch these. Benjamin Franklin described as the first American diplomat. The documentary contains former American diplomats. For example Prudence Bushnell who is former Kenya ambassador narrated the attack to American embassy in Kenya. You can see her fear on her face. It was very impressive to listen to these attacks from someone who had experienced these attacks. Bushnell tells fearfully the moment when she heard the bomb’s voice. I felt her fear. I understand that international relations can be a horror movie. Actually the documentary reveals that diplomats have not only physical problems but also spiritual difficulties. American diplomats experienced this problem in the Iran hostage crisis. The difficult goal is to win the trust of the people in your area. It is not physical problem. It is an intellectual problem. The political backgrounds of states can reduce faith in their diplomats. So, the history of United States may have caused these attacks or crises. Thus, we understand that international relations are not just about measurable power. The concept of soft power cannot be ignored in international politics. We can say that the soft power put forward by Joseph Nye is commemorated with America. Public diplomacy can determine world politics and the public diplomacy has been successfully used by American diplomats. With this documentary, I realized that American diplomats had a great impact on world politics and American foreign policies. The power is not only weapon or muscle but also a cognitive issue. Eventually even weapons are the product of the mind.

Mustafa Ozveren

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